Alsa Candy Concentrate are liquid additives designed to provide maximum compatibility and color impact. Candy Concentrate can be added to a variety of “carriers” including Alsa Speed Clear, Color Blender, and other compatible clears. By design, these Candy Concentrate are meant to be applied over the top of your basecoat.


Q. How much do I need to add?

A. The unique thing about ALSA’s Candy Concentrate is the fact that you need very little, unlike the recommended 20% ratio of other manufacturers. With ALSA’s Candy you need just a few drops per pint or quart so very little will go a long way.


Q. Will ALSA’s Candy pool, streak, or bleed?

A. Due to the fact we designed these Candies to go over our chrome products they are extremely clear and crisp. Also these Candies will not bleed through your graphics or into your final clear allowing you to maintain the integrity of your work


Q. What types of solvents will ALSA’s candy work in?

A. ALSA’s candy will work equally well in virtually any solvent including but not limited to, lacquers, urethanes, enamels, and acrylics.


Depending on desired effect and number of layers of clear intended to use you can mix Alsa Candy Concentrate at the following ratio:

1 Quart of (ready to spray) clearcoat takes 1 ounce of Candy Concentrate

⦁8 ounces of Candy = 240 grams

⦁35 drops of Candy = 1 gram

⦁1 ounce of Candy = 30 grams



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