Fluor Paints


2 types of Fluor Paint


- Automotive paint – 1L : Spraygun. 1K Basecoat solvent based, topcoating necessary

- Alkyd paint for industry : Roll, Brush, Spraygun. Permanent glossy finish for general use


Both available in 10 colors.

Fluorescent colours are extremely bright and luminous: they are special effect paints and are part of the photoluminescent group. When their molecules are bombarded with photons, they react by emitting themselves light. That is why an object painted "fluo" will reflect more light than it receives, therefore getting more our attention than the other objects that come into our range of vision.

Empirex also produces a large choice of fluorescent colours, available in water-based version. If you wish to purchase these products, please contact us



FLUORESCENT Automotive paint

Fluorescent paint emits more light than it receives. Here is the secret of the fluorescent colours intensity!

Thus they immediately capture the attention by day or in semi-drakness

Our automotive paints are solvent based (mono-component 1K paint to clear and ready to use) and are applied with spray gun only.

Due to the semi-transparent nature of the paints, it's important to apply them over a perfectly white background, that is paint or primer.

To this end, you will find white paints on our website (in the sections BASECOATS ors PRIMERS)

Fluorescent colours are more fragile under the sun than classic colours: We thus strongly recommend the use of our special protective anti UV topcoat (to be found in our Section CLEARCOATS) that protects better the paints against UV.

The RAL colour chart is available as a PDF download on the article pages below.

Important: It is stipulated on our website that fluorescent colours should not be unnecessarily exposed to the sun, due to their high sensitivity to the sun's UV rays.

Here are some tips to follow to maintain the brilliance of the colours: Apply our protective top coat for enhanced protection against UVs. Apply a maximum of fluorescent passes (6 coats of paint will have twice the life of 3 coats of paint). And finally, it is clear that your car should not be parked unnecessarily in the sun, as no solution exists to fully protect at 100% these paints.

Regarding the mixture: our fluorescent automotive paints are solvent-based, ready for use. It may be necessary to add 20-40% thinner to increase their fluidity.

RAL correspondence:


Green: RAL6038

Yellow: RAL1026

Orange RAL2005

Red: RAL3026

Yellow-Orange: RAL2007


DESTINATION : Car, motorcycle, decoration

ASPECT: Intense semi-transparent colours with matt finish

Theorical coverage: 3 SQM / L

MIX : Product ready to use..

APPLICATION : Must be over a white background, in 3 to 4 coats until coverage is achieved.

RESISTANCE: Sensitive to UV and to the heat above 150°C.

SETTING: Spray gun : Nozzle 1.0 to 1.2mm - Air pressure : 2.5 TO 3.5 bars


Advice: It's preferable to have a thick coat to extend the paint lifetime.



Multi-purpose marking paint, concentrated and resistant.

The fluorescent paints have the amazing property to reflect more light than they receive.

Thanks to its highly saturated colour, an object that is painted with fluorescent and put among other pieces, has the capacity to catch immediately the attention of the audience.

The Alkyd formulas , are glossy and resistant finishes, suitable for indoors and outdoors application, with a brush or a spray gun! Mono-component, the product is ready to use. It contains a siccative that allows a fast drying. The fluorescent Alkyd paint has a very good covering power: 1 to 2 coats applied with a brush are enough. Application can be done with spraygun as well. The paint can be thinned with our synthetic thinner.

As the fluorescent colours are transparent, they are usually painted over a white background.

Colours lifetime: In order to extend the shades lifetime, we highly recommend to apply our anti UV clear coat, (Section CLEARCOAT) that very efficiently protects the paints from sun rays. Without that UV protection, a fluorescent paint last on average 3 years before to fade.

PRIMER: Depending on the support (concrete, iron,...) and to get a perfect adhesion, a specific primer must be used: Please see our section 'Primers'

Interesting fact: According to a study, YELLOW and ORANGE are the colours most visible to the human eye during the day. Before night falls, it's GREEN.

Advice: the thicker the coat, the longer will be the paint lifetime.

The alkyd paint is available in 10 different colours on request by mail !



Orange 2007


  • Blue
  • Green
  • Magenta
  • Orange
  • Yellow Orange
  • Pink
  • Pink Orange
  • Purple
  • Red-Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Lime Green

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