Glow in the dark Paints

Glow in the Dark Paint

We manufacture different types of phosphorescent paints: Polyurethane and Automotive grade paint.

They have an excellent capacity to store the light (Many types of luminous energies, such as sunlight, electric lamp...) They can glow in complete darkness for up to 12h after having charged 30 minutes under the sun


Polyurethane topcoats are professional technical coatings of a great hardness and waterproofness, mainly intended for outdoors.



Available in 2 vivid colours

(Green and Blue green)


Available in 3 sizes: 375ml aerosol, 1.33L and 4L


Automotive grade paint

Phosphorescence is a natural non-radioactive process, composed of « rare earth » elements.

Empirex made from these components coatings for car bodies.

These solvent based paints are very fluid and are to be used with a spraygun only. Their quick evaporation allows to apply a signifant number of passes.


The applications of this revolutionary paint go from automotive to design and to industry

Automotive photoluminescent paint

1L or 5L Size

Paints in stock – Delivery time 48 h

8 different colours



ASPECT: By day, the nightglow paints don't show any colours, because they are colourless. But in the dark, they appear luminous and coloured .

INTENSITY: It depends on the background colour: The phosphorescence will be at its maximum over a light coloured background and almost no effect over a black background. The paints being nearly transparent, we recommend an application over a white background.

Colours:The colours have different luminosity power : we advise that you read carefully our PDF measurements chart. The strong colours are green and turquoise. All the other colours are considered less luminous.

Thickness of the coats: The intensity will be all the more higher if there are a large number of passes applied.

Excitement: The charge time and the type of light (strong or low, broad spectrum, during a long or short time) is crucial.


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