Glow in the Dark Stones & Pebbles

Glow in the Dark, sand ,stones, pebbles,Mozaik & Fragments .

Our phosphorescent stones have the natural capacity to emit light in darkness. They exist in 4 colours of glow.

The phosphorescent effect can last all night long, after the stones have been exposed to light a few tens of minutes.

This decorative effect doesn't need electricity and requires a minimum of care. The photoluminescence lifetime lasts a great many years (more than 20 years).

Their possibilities are without limit, they can glow indoors or outdoors, as long as there is enough obscurity: gardens, bedrooms, ponds, pools, fountains, aquariums, vases...

These little objects are harmless, non-radioactive and made of plastic.

Precautions: Keep them out of small children's reach, as the stones are quite little (2 to 3 cm)

Depending of the colours, the phosphorescent effect is more or less powerful: green is the strongest colour, and by decreasing order, blue green, blue and purple.

The phosphorescent stones and pebbles glow naturally of a fluorescent colour in the dark.

By day they just look like any ordinary rocks with their grey and matt aspect. Each piece is unique by its shape.



Small stones

A bag of 200g includes 50 to 60 pieces. Available in 200 gram, 1, 5 or 20 Kg bags.

Precautions: Keep them out of small children's reach, as the stones are quite little (2 to 3 cm)

Available in Turquoise, Blue or Green




Composition : PS plastic, hard and filled.

Size: 4 to 7 cm.

Quantity for a bag of 200 g: 7 to 14 pieces. Packaging in 200 gram or 1 Kg

Colour : white/colourless by day and fluorescent in total darkness.

Luminescence : up to 10 hours depending of the colour

(green is the strongest colour, purple the lowest one)

Lifetime: up to 25 years

Use: Inside/Outside

Available in Turquoise, Blue and Green




These bits of transparent resin look like natural little broken stones and can bring a striking and magnificent effect in an aquarium, vase...

Waterproof, non-toxic, they are ideal for decorating the inside of aquariums or decorative fountains.

The fragments are between 0.5 and 12mm in size

During day their aspect is colourless and becomes luminous and coloured in complete darkness.

Available in Turquoise, Blue and Green , in 1 Kg or 25 Kg.




Highly concentrated in phosphorescent active ingredients (pigments), these grains are 1 to 2 mm size and make a heap of sand strongly luminous in darkness.

This magical sand allows to achieve many decorative ideas, such as spread on a floor, or stored in transparent containers. Do not immerse in aqueous liquids.

Bags of 200 grams. In Blue or Green






Models available: Green, Blue Green or Blue

Phosphorescent mosaics:

The phosphorescent mosaics recharge during day from sunlight (or from any kind of source of light) and glow during hours in the night of a beautiful natural light .

The phosphorescent effect lasts up to 20 years and is completely harmless.

1 sheet of mosaic includes 144 tiles.

1 sheet : 30cm x 30cm x 4mm (12 x 12 tiles)

Material : Glass

Dimension of each tile : 2,5cm x 2,5cm x 4mm


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