Glow in the Dark Panels ( Photoluminescent)


  • Class D high intensity of luminescence
  • Color by day: Greenish white
  • Color by night: Green
  • Size: 1 meter x 1 meter
  • Thickness: 1.3 mil
  • Photoluminescent effect lasts up to 25 years

Pre-cut Panel sizes

15 cm x 35 cm

21 cm x 29 cm

29,7 cm x 42 cm


Glow in the Dark Panels Photoluminescent


'Glow in the Dark ' PANELS -1M X 1M

Class D (very high intensity)



CLASS D high intensity of luminescence

The PVC photoluminescent sheets glow more than 12h in complete darkness. They recharge with any source of light.

Their cutting and printing is easy and any type of ink is suitable. However we recommend the IPISS-7000 green ink.

The PVC sheets offer a good resistance to fire, sun, bad weather conditions, which make it possible to use them outside or inside buildings.

This product meets the European and French standards NF EN 1838

Class D / +50% more luminescence. Measures at 10 min : >330MCD/sqm.

Colour by day : Greenish white

Colour by night : Green

Thickness : 1.3mm

Size: 1m x 1m

The photoluminescent effect lasts up to 25 years.







The phosphorescent panels are colourless during the day and emit a strong luminescence in the dark: it's the photoluminescence effect.





They can be printed on for the production of photoluminescent markings and signals.


Other uses possible :


Communication, events panels...


Artistic achievements (paintings, engravings)…


-Thickness : 1.3 mm


-Super strong GREEN luminescence (Class D, 340 mcd/sqm after 10 minutes)


Measures in micro candella / sqm after a lighting of 500W / 30min


-Luminescence up to 12 hours


-Ultra fast recharge


-Lifetime up to 25 years


-Resistant, for use indoors or outside


*For professionals : we can customize the printing of the panels for a quantity of minimum 100 pieces, with any kind of monochrome or multicoloured pattern regarding the safety and emergency evacuation instructions

3 sizes available


(+500 pieces)


Volume discount price



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