Glow tape and Adhesive film

Photoluminescent self adhesive tape, intensely luminescent (Class D).


2 Classes Luminance: C (strong) D (extra strong)


Markings on the walls to provide guidance and draw the outlines of obstacles or of doors.

Our photoluminescent tapes are our most popular products since years: they are very cost-effective and have many qualities:

- the tapes strongly adhere (High resistance to tearing)

- powerfully luminous (50% above european standards)

- very resistant thanks to its composition of PVC.


The photoluminescent tapes LLL recharge quickly when exposed to natural or artificial lighting, and glow strongly in the darkness.

Their glow is very powerful, exceeding the standards of French and European recommended guidelines of NF EN 1838.

Gradual diminution of glow intensity performance (standard NF X08-050-1) :

Classe C: 10 min : 140 MCD/m². 60 min : 20MCD/m²

Classe D: 10 min : 317.6-331.6 MCD/m². 60 min : 45.2MCD/m².

We do the luminance measuring tests in our laboratory. Our measuring data sheets are available on request.

A.4 Implementation recommendations

Application : Easily printable and cuttable.

Maintenance : Photoluminescent products don't need maintenance.

Cleaning : Regular dusting is recommended to ensure optimal brightness. Cleaning with mild detergent.


Special width are availble on order (minimum cutting on a roll of 1 meter of width). We can also do printings.


The NF EN 1838 European standard gives very precise outlines for : to allow the evacuation of places, to ensure an easy location of safety and fire fighting equipments, to reduce the risk of panic, to maintain visibility in areas potentially dangerous, to facilitate eventual emergency services.

The means required are : a location lighting of the path to follow. A minimum of ambient lighting on the escape routes and exits. An ambient light to mark around safety equipments.


Glow in the Dark Tape & Adhesive film

Available Sizes tape

2.5 cm x 10 meters

2.5 cm x 25 meters

5.0 cm x 25 meters

10 cm x 25 meters


Double properties:

Phosphorescent and


Anti-slipphotoluminescent Tape

Description : Phosphorescent anti-slip tapes are ideal mainly on floors and stairs, to prevent falls.

Phosphorescent anti-slip tapes have a double use, by maintaining visibility of access ways and obstacles in no-light condition, or when main power supply is disrupted, and by helping address risks of slips and falls.

Our rolls of anti-slip tapes strongly adhere to majority of surfaces and highly resist wear (heavy foot traffic, bad weather...)

If you are looking for a more resistant material, and a permanent installation, we recommend our aluminium stair nosings.

Size : 50 mm width x 20 meter length

Luminance classification: Class B (medium intensity)

Use : Inside/Outside

Colour by day : White

Colour by night : Fluorescent green

Luminescence time duration : up to 6 h after one full day of exposure

Photoluminescent lifetime: up to 10 years.


Adhesive Rolls

Adhesive rolls - 1m² to 25m²

Phosphorescent Vinyl PVC film

Class C (European standard): Strong

Class D (50% superior): Very strong



(NF X08 050 - 1 2 3):

Laboratory test reports (from SGS) available on request.

Luminance/Abrasion/Adhesion/Permeability (immersion test)/

Abrasion and friction/Resistance to chemical cleaning/Flammability/Smokes

> Refer to the PDF technical data sheet on this page






The photoluminescent adhesive films glow in the dark through their natural phosphorescence property (synonym: photoluminescence)

How is this reaction operating?

The phosphorescent molecules are excited by all types of luminous energy, and release a delayed emission of light.

The phenomenom has an almost limitless service life.

DESTINATION: Signaling preparation (emergency exits, fire extinguishers, arrows, warnings) by printing and cutting.


Our films are made of PVC Vinyl, with an extremely tear resistant adhesive face.

Compared to PET films, they offer a better resistance to fire, and can safely be used outdoors or indoors.

However, for exterior use, we recommend our rigid materials, such as PVC and Metal panels.


The luminance is the light emitted. Remanence is the light that is restored over time.

Our photoluminescent adhesives are compliant with European standards regarding photoluminescence level (class C). Our other films (D and E) have higher performances.

For information, a class C adhesive can stay visible all night in total darkness.




Colour during the day: Greenish white/Colour during the night: Green




- 100cm x 25m (also available in 10m)

- Cutting per square meter






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