SPT ECOchrome

SPT ECO Chrome System

More than ever, today’ s producers of consumer goods use coatings to add value to their products. Especially Chrome /Gold finishes give a very rich look and feel to a product .


The SPT processes enable almost unlimited production of metal/Chrome/Gold coatings on any type of surface.


As far as coatings with the “metallic effect” are concerned, having a high abrasion and chemical resistance, mainly chrome and stainless steel depositions, or carbides and nitrides of transition - metals (for example titanium and zirconium) are produced.


In addition to having characteristics of hardness and resistance to abrasion, innovative colours can be obtained for decorative reasons applied to the surfaces of high quality consumer goods.


As well as being the cleanest technology among coating techniques, SPT gives a combination of advantages like no other: first of all, SPT is a method of production which is economically efficient generating the thinnest and the most uniform coating possible.


It is a dry process at low temperature.


It forms an indestructible bond between film and substrate, (since it binds them together at a molecular level).


The Process



The coating material is inserted into the vacuum chamber as a cathode in the form of a metal plate. After the chamber has been emptied, the process gas is introduced (argon is usually used as it has a high atomic weight).


A high voltage is applied and the gas is introduced. The positive argon ions go through an acceleration process on the negative cathode and then expel the atoms of the metal plate (evaporating material), which then fall onto the substrates already in the chamber and condense the desired metal coating onto the substrate.


Unlike many other vacuum deposition techniques, there is no fusion of material, therefore all the metals and alloys can be deposited with high efficiency and control.


If a reactive gas such as nitrogen or acetylene is introduced into the chamber together with the process gas, the nitride which reacts to the carbide, develops on the substrates.


Different cathodes made of different materials can be inserted in a vacuum coating system to produce multiple layer systems. It is also possible to modify the combination of the single layers by varying the combination of the reactive gases.


Horizontal range

Space saving, practical and easy to use. Dual loading systems supplied with every machine, that offer a single operator speed, accuracy and high productivity at the touch of a button.


The classical work system combines single and multiple target technology offering superior results and versatility. The complete range SPT plants in standard sizes:


DGK24” diameter 610 mm

DGK36” diameter 1000 mm

DGK48” diameter 1200 mm

DGK63” diameter 1600 mm

DGK72” diameter 1800 mm

DGK100” diameter 2500 mm

(*Custom sizes available)



Vertical range MK®


The KOLZER vertical MK range is a marvel of design innovation. From the dual direct loading and unloading doors to the easy to use Windows software, the entire production cycle is fast and carefree. These vertical Sputtering systems offer hybrid PVD PECVD technology for flexibility and creativity all in one machine.

The standard family plant range:


MK48" diameter 1.250 mm

MK63" diameter 1.600 mm

MK72" diameter 1.800 mm

(* Custom sizes available)


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