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Wat heeft Empirex te bieden:

Special Paints

Sinds 2000 is Empirex gespecialiseerd in innovatieve bijzondere coatings en de applicatie hiervan . Empirex begon met het ontwikkellen van het ontwikkelen voor en leveren aan Auto en motorfabrikanten en dit groeide uit tot het ontwikkelen met en voor archietcten en ontwerpers.

Verkoop & advies

* Speciale lakken & Coatings

* Chrome spuit apparatuur & materialen

Applicatie van:

* Special Effect  lakken

* Colorchanging coatings

* Softfeel /Rubberlakken

* Chrome lakken

* Watertransfer printing

* Real Metal coating

* High Gloss Coating

* Structuur coatings

* Goud effect lakken

* Bladgoud/Silver/Copper applicatie

What Empirex has to offer :


  • Chrome Paints & Chrome Systems
  • Softfeel /Softtouch coatings
  • Glow in the dark Paints /Pigments
  • Flakes &  Pearls
  • Marbelizing & Crystalizer Effect coatings
  • Fluor Paints
  • Thermochrome & Heathreactive coatings
  • "Real Metal" coating
  • Multi-color Paints & Pigments
  • Hydro/Water Dipping
  • High Gloss Resin

Projects & Customers

Sales & advice

* Special paints,coatings & pigments

* Chrome spray equipment & materials

* Real Metal Coatings

* Colorchanging effect coatings

WHO is Empirex ?

Since the year 2000 the Empirex corporation  has specialized in innovative surface decoration technology. Empirex began by developing and providing specialty coatings primarily for the Automotive & Motorcycle Industry and later started working with and for Architects and Industrial designers.It was only recently that Empirex  began to expand its reach and cater to a variety of other industries, most notably the Interior Design market. Through constant research and development Empirex has continued to create new products as well as improve on existing  technologies. 

Now Empirex can offer truly unique surface decorating products to virtually every industry.

What can Empirex do for me?

Extensive product range -

We offer many unique products designed to enhance the overall appearance of almost any object or surface.

We have a large selection of never before seen paints and additives and we have created never seen design materials.

Please browse through our website to learn more about our various coatings and  Materials .

Projects, Facade panels / Wall panels , series, Prototypes,Art and Unique Object.We continue to work with some of the largest OEMs in the world but now cater to smaller companies and individual consumers too.

We want to provide everyone with an opportunity to access our assortment of products and technologies.

Painting ( also Airless) in all Ral/Pantone Colors , Matt, Softfeel, Semi-gloss, Gloss and HIGH Gloss, Chrome painting, Gold Leave Application, Metallizing with "REAL" metal coating , Hydro dipping , sputtering techniques etc etc ..

*  Ahrend

*  Autotrader UK

*  BBC TopGear  Liveshow

*  Bentley

*  Bugatti

*  Christian Louboutin

*  Climax Motorcycles

*  Daihastu Nederland

*  Force India F1

*  Geberit

*  Harley Davidson

*  ID&T

*  Image Builders

*  Iris van Herpen

*  Lamborghini

*  Marvell

*  Manual SchwaB

*  Mexx

*  Panasonic

*  Peugeot

*  Philips

*  Rupert Marine Sweden

*  Sarah Lee

*  Spyker

*  Smart

*  Stage One

*  UN Studio

*  Villeroy & Boch

*  Volkswagen AG

*  Volvo Car Corporation

*  Wiesmann

*  212 Box Architects New york


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