Chameleon paints


Mystic is a color shifting paint that has an extremely metallic type of look, yet it flops like no other paint we have ever seen.

Mystic is available in 18 distinct colors:

We recommend Mystic be applied over a black basecoat for the most dramatic effects, however it can also be applied over any of our other basecoat colors to a achieve a softer (more pearlescent) yet still intense color change. The color possibilities are endless.

Mystic is mixed with an extremely high pigment concentration, meaning it can be reduced anywhere from 1:1 to 1:3 and still achieve a dramatic color-change effect. For the first time in paint history we are introducing the newest  and most beautiful Color shifting paint as a VERY AFFORDABLE practical coating, at 1/10 the price of other companies.

Mystic colors are available Water  ( 1 Liter ) AND Solvent based ( 2 Liter kits)

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