Chroom spuiten


Chroom spuiten /Chrome spraying

Chrome FX is een revolutionair systeem waarmee praktisch elk materiaal /object voorzien kan worden van een chroom /spiegel finish .

Reeds 15 jaar is Empirex specialist in  Chroom systemen en tevens het verchromen van materialen als glas, kunststoffen , hout , keramiek, kunstwerken , beelden, prototypen etc etc

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Chrome FX ist ein revolutionäres System, das ermöglicht nahezu jedem Material zu Verspiegeln.

Bereits 15 Jahre ist Empirex nicht nur Spezialist  in Chrom/ Verspiegel-Systeme aber auch im Verspiegeln  von Materialien  wie Glas, Kunststoffe, Holz, Keramik, Kunstwerke, Bilder, Prototypen etc. etc.  (Weitere Infos unten)

Chrome FX is a revolutionary system that allows nearly any material/object  can be finished with a Chrome/Mirror  finish.

Already 15  years  Empirex   is not only  specialist in chrome systems in chroming/chrome painting materials such as glass, plastics, wood, ceramics, works of art, statues, prototypes etc etc (more info below

This innovative process is different in many points of view from the "chrome paint", as it involves a machine, and completely different products and technique.

This new technology not only allows to chrome with a 100% mirror effect, but also has the following advantages:

- It's environmentally friendly, as the different liquids used for chroming are water-based, and do not contain any heavy metals.

- The procedure is divided into three simple steps (including our base and our special clear coat) which are clearly explained and detailed in each of our product sheets.

- Surfaces up to 2 or 3 sqm can be chromed in one go, regardless of the type of support ( metal, alu, plastic, glass, wood..)

- Our chrome machines allow to achieve coloured chrome effect, such as Gold look, blue chrome...

- This chroming system can work either with or without baking.

Q: What is the difference between a ChromeFX™Finish and traditional Metallic Paint?

A: A ChromeFX™ Finish is not paint, although it is applied in a similar manner. ChromeFX™ places a layer of Real liquid metal on a product's surface. Consequently, it looks and feels like the product has been chromed or metallized, not just painted. A ChromeFX™ finish is reflective and shines, like a mirror. It is also much more durable than paint and will not fade over time.

Q: Does the ChromeFX™ Finish conduct electricity?

A: Yes, a ChromeFX™ finish is real metal so it theoretically can conduct electricity like all metals. However, ChromeFX™ is intended for decorative purposes. It is not a substitute for electroplating and we do not provide any assistance on this topic.

Q: How strong is a ChromeFX™ Finish?

A: ChromeFX™ is as durable as OEM Automotive Finishes.

Q: Can I use my own Basecoats & Topcoats?

A: No, the basecoats & topcoats that we supply are specially formulated to work with the Intermediate ChromeFX™ Coat.

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: In order to apply the Basecoats & Topcoats you need traditional spray painting equipment including: A Clean Room, HVLP Spray Painting Guns, A Spray Booth, An Air Compressor and An Experienced Painter. (All of this equipment, except the painter, is available through any industrial paint supply company)

In order to apply the ChromeFX™ Intermediate Coat you need a ChromeFX™ Application Machine. Please see Equipment section of our website for more information about our application machines.

!! For your safety, it is necessary to wear protective clothing, including a gas mask and gloves, during all steps of the application process.

Q: Has the ChromeFX™ Finish been tested?

A: Yes, please review the test results in the Technical Data section of our website.

Q: How expensive is ChromeFX™ compared to traditional chroming?

A: The costs associated with ChromeFX™ are approximately 15% or lower than traditional chroming.

ChromeFX application equipment is state-of-the-art. We’ve upgraded our popular system to include a fully polished diamond plate housing making wipe down and clean up a snap. Redesigned hose and air routings prevent entanglement while you spray. Larger rubber wheels allow you to move your machine effortlessly, even on a grated or uneven floor.

Empirex ChromeFX System comes standard with 4 large (20 liter) pressure vessels.

For total control over the chrome application there are seven easy to read check gauges giving you every opportunity to insure everything stays adjusted equally which is one of the most important aspects of this whole process.

All these features in a highly mobile stainless steel housing which translates into years of reliability and provide you with the most fail safe system available today

You can be sure when you invest in ChromeFX technology that you’re receiving the best equipment, chemicals and training that money can buy. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations which don’t stack up, feature-to-feature with ChromeFX™.

We offer 3different Chrome systems :


1.Spray at home system


2. .Medium PRO  system


3.Large Pro System

In adition  to a built-in cleaning system in the Large PRO version, the main difference between our  machines is the potential volume of work and the capacity of the chroming machine in ( sqm ) and the Hobby systems is a simple sytem with spraycans and has to be presurized by hand .

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