Nano coating


Surfaces:  Wood, Fabric, Paper,Concrete


• Waterproof: The product is chemically bonds to the substrate forming dense lattices that

give a strong hydrophobicity to the treated surface.

• Transpiration: The product does not change the normal transpiration of the material.

• Cleaning: The absence of water absorption in the treated material ensures considerable

protection to microorganisms and dirt while also reducing contamination of algae and

moss. The processed materials are more 'easy cleaning.

• Duration: The product has a shelf life of 4 years.

• Ecology: The product and 'completely solvent-free VOC0

Life: 2 Years


Aspect: transparent liquid

Odour: Odourless

Density: 1g/mL

Hydrosolubility: Miscible in any relationship

COV content: 0,00 %


Apply with a brush on the surface, wait for the drying.

NB: The treated surface must not under any circumstances come into contact with water before completely dry. The possible contact

with water prior to that time affect the success of the treatment. After 8h test the hydro-oil repellency depositing 1-2 drops of water on a

small portion: if you do not detect the effect will have to wait for another time.

NANOS SM is a nanotechnological hydrophobic treatment that dramatically reduces the risk of damage in case of accidental contact

with most liquid substances.

The nanoparticles chemically bond to the surface of the treated substrate without creating any kind of film and leaving the surface free

to breathe.

On rough surfaces (like fabric, suede and so on) the result will be a great hydrophobic effect (lotus-leaf effect); on smooth surfaces the

effect will be a normal hydrophobic effect.

Because of its working principle (no film and chemical bond), on some kind of surface that do not allow the chemical bond of the

nanoparticles (or the bond could be weak) the effect will be lower than the expectations.

The special feature of NANOS SM is to keep the fabric or skin washable even if they have owned hydro and oleophobic properties.

This feature is intentional and aims to allow the washing of the tissue when necessary. It may therefore be the case the fabric may

become moist under certain conditions (impact of a drop of water exceeds a given height). This is not to be considered a defect of the

treatment but a key feature of the product. Once dry the treated surface will regain super-hydrophobic and super-oleophobic



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Normal work clothing.


The product is stable for 12 months at temperatures co

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