Rust Paint

A good and simple way to make a rust effect on nearly every object

2-component product to produce natural rust on various surfaces for interior and exterior areas.

The process consists of the following steps 1. Rusto Primer 2. Rusto Effect coating.

Material description: Rusto Primer is a flexible, solvent-free emulsion paint which is particularly easy to work with and has excellent covering properties. A wide range of different surfaces can be processed with Rust Primer 3658, such as textiles, wood, PVC, gypsum, metal.

Rusto Effect Coating is the agent responsible for the efflorescence of the rust.

Article indication: 2-components product for the achievement of natural rust on di verses undergrounds for the interior and external area.

The procedure contains the following work procedures:

1. Rust priming 31 2nd effect enamel 32 3rd coating paint 33 description of material: The rust priming 31 is a flexible solvent-free Dis by ion color, which is to be processed particularly easily and an out rising up coverage property has. The most different undergrounds can be worked on with the rust priming 31, like e.g. Textiles, wood, PVC, gypsum, metal. Since by the natural process an abrasion is produced, this can be prevented as far as possible by application of the surface finish paint 32. The coating paint 33 prevents the abrasion of the rust imitation. Processing references: 1. after the drying time the effect enamel becomes 32 aufgetra towards. The rust priming 31 on the desired UN tergrund to lay on and min.14 hr. dry leave. 2. this begins immediately with the development of rust. 3. after few hours the effect is visible. 4. the effect enamel 32 can so often be used, until the desired result is reached and/or to itself sufficiently rust formed. 5. the coating paint 33 in the spraying procedure aufgetra towards, in order to receive the rust effect. Security: During the processing the regulations tenden for the work and guard gel are to be kept.

Marking: See safety data sheets.

The managing information was provided due to our experiences, is however without commitment.

1 KG per 3 squire meters

Rust Paint


Rust Base 2.5 KG  or 20 KG

RUST BASE (very flexible and easy to apply Solvent Free coating)

1 KG per 3 squire meters


Step 1 -apply RUST BASE 31 (on wood,plastic etc )

Step 2 - apply RUST EFFECT 32 ( more coats give more rust effect

Step 3 ( if needed ) apply RUST CLEAR 33

RUST EFFECT 1 Liter or 10 Liter

1 Liter for 4-5 squire meter

This coating has to be applied Over the RUST BASE 31 coating (when dried 14 hours ) . More coatings result in more rust .

RUST CLEAR 1 Liter or 5 Liter

1 Liter of RUST CLEAR clearcoat to stop the rust proces ( if wanted /needed)

150 ml - 200 ml for 1 squire meter

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