Daihatsu Materia

Daihatsu Materia. Empirex was asked by Daihatsu  to fully customize a new Materia for the International car exhibition RAI. A special “custom made bodykit was designed and made by : Aldo Automotive


The Custom paintwork with Alsa Paints is made with Alsa Styling Basecoat Nevada Silver ,

Medium Alsa Flakes, Alsa Blood Red Candy concentrates .The upper front of the car is painted with Alsa Eclipse Black to White ( heath reactive ), the color of the hood changes from black to white and the red Daihatsu logo appears.

The interior has been “customized” by Empirex in association with “Leather specialist” Lukkien www.lukkien-autobekleding.nl, real black leather has been combined with Alsa Chrome leather , finishing touch with blue neon-wire.

A complete audio system was build in by Dennis van Boom /Clifford

CD/DVD/ Navigation tuner, ADV-W1100V11”Color display ,2 TS-W1241D Subwoofers, etc etc All by PIONEER .

Also Unique is the huge glass sunroof by WEBASTO www.webasto.nl and build-in by Lukkien .

Empirex Lowered the car ( front 30 mm, back 35 mm ) and mounted some 18 Inch Tora T560 Wheels with Toyo Proxes 205/35 ZR 18 tyres.

To protect everything a CLIFFORD www.clifford.nl was installed by ISD-Service .


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